It has everything that you may find in a Utopian – if not otherworldly – story where humans live on giant grass and wake up to the sound of a rooster’s crows.


I can’t wait to be back in the Island of Peace in the next few weeks. I’ve only gotten the chance to clean up the piles of photos on my memory card and hence the belated Bali post (and when I say late, I meant reaaaaaalllyy late with a capital R). These were taken about six months ago on a trip with my bests. The lens on my Olympus OMD was broken just before the trip (cue a long “whhhyyyyyyy?” from me), so I had to use my old old Olympus lens, which surprisingly did better than expected at its job.


bali 1


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We stayed at The Santai, a newly established accommodation in Kerobokan area. I love the architecture and overall mood of this place. I highly recommend you to book one of their Balinese massage session. It’s soooo great there’s no word to perfectly describe it.

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During our short stay, we visited an establishment that had been on my go-to bucket list for a long time: The Green Village. In short, it’s a property compound located in Ubud which properties are built out of bamboo. It may look like just another boutique/luxury retreat but the philosophy of the founders lie way deeper than just business prospectus (let’s be honest here, there always have to be a way to monetize it, no matter how much you hate it).

Green Village was founded by Elora Hardy, the daughter (and step-daughter, respectively) of a note-worthy couple, John & Cynthia Hardy, who (surprise-surprise) founded the Green School. If they sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve watched this particular TED talk featuring John Hardy and his dream of a green school.

If I have to use one word to describe the compound, it would be ‘magical’. It has everything that you may find in a Utopian – if not otherworldly – story where humans live on giant grass and wake up to the sound of a rooster’s crows. We had the privilege of going on a private tour to one of the tallest, most recently added property in the area. We were prohibited from taking any pictures there as the house was a private property. But do trust me when I say that I WISH I LIVED THERE. THE VIEW BUT OH THE VIEW. AND the serenity of the whole place… I can’t. I just can’t.

I highly encourage you to go there and book a tour to the bamboo factory, the Green Village compound, and the school to really get to know the philosophy behind this great idea. It feels so re-assuring to see that there are people who still care about making a difference and doing good for the community. More information about this project can be found here and here.


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Until next time, folks!