Yes, I’m the type of person who’s concerned about unnecessary noise pollution. But I was (yet again) proven wrong.



If the word is to be broken into two – kata mama – that would literally mean Mom said in Indonesian. I wonder if this was what the owners have in mind when they were deciding on a name for this establishment.

Situated next to the famous Potato Head beach club in Seminyak, this hotel is the newest and first hotel chain addition into the PTT family’s portfolio. During my last Bali trip, my friend and I was lucky enough to get a tour of what the hotel has to offer. In all honesty, I was quite skeptical at first because of its vicinity of the club*. Yes, I’m the type of person who’s concerned about unnecessary noise pollution. But I was (yet again) proven wrong.

Starting the tour at the bar slash restaurant, you could already tell that the design team intended to emulate that chic yet fun Caribbean mood at the property. I guess it only makes sense, given that the beach is only a stone’s throw away. Oh did I tell you that the said restaurant is an extension of none other than the celebrated, Melbourne-borne, Spanish tapas joint, MoVida? Cue an animated squeal from yours truly here. Once we went past the communal bar area and into the rooms compound, everything fell silent all of a sudden. The floor manager, who was our guide for the night, sensed my surprise and might have said that this was due to the noise cancelling property of the building material being used, or maybe it was due to the strategically placed walls and angles of the hotel building that have prevented the noise from coming through to the hotel area. I’m not quite sure anymore; I was too engrossed in the fact that you can’t hear any noise from the club next door.

The hotel adopts a warm and earthy mood in their design approach. Red bricks and wood elements can be found everywhere. Apart from the fact that they use Ayu Larasati ceramics, my favorite part of the hotel would be this hallway, which leads our way from the rooms to the gym and pool area. Please pardon the blurry and unclear photo. It was hard for an amateur to take a night time photo while continuously being told to hurry myself up and keep up with the tour.

Anyway. I was definitely in love with the place and would love to stay there for a night or two on my next visit to Bali. Saving for my next holiday starts now.

P.S. Looking at the stats and my previous hotel review, you can safely tell that I have a tendency to judge a book by its cover. Bad move, Edina, bad move.




Jl. Petitenget No. 51

Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali


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