A visit to a newly opened cafe or coffee shop can easily be on your weekly to-do list if you live in Melbourne. With gazillions of establishments opening every week, I have to say that it’s a bit hard to keep up with all the craze that comes with each and every one of them. I finally manage to retrieve these pictures from my lost (or so I thought) memory card (my life!), taken on a visit to Industry Beans in Brunswick a few weeks ago. It’s a bit overdue, but here you go.



You have to forget 

the intimacies, the little things. 
The details, the things that keep you connected.
Expecting him to finish your sandwich when you’re full.
The birthmark on his cheek matching the one on your back. 
Which dress was his favorite; the one you always want to wear. 
How a piece of chocolate easily picked up his mood; 
The crinkle in his eye when he laughs.. laughed.
The way he liked to make the whole room laugh along with him.
You can keep the memories, but you have to forget it all. 
The details, the things that keep you connected.
Because that’s how you fell in love. That’s how you stay in love. But that’s not how you move on.
You have to fully let them go.
– Just another Josephine from NYC