Good morning from Queenstown!



Dear you,
Happy birthday! Another year older, another year wiser. I wish you nothing but the best that life can offer. Hope all your dreams come true. Hope all your hard work pays off. Hope all your goals and plans are fulfilled. Stay healthy. Eat lots of veggies. Don’t stay up late at night. Don’t push yourself too far beyond your limits. Don’t injure yourself when you’re playing sports. Pay more attention to your right shoulder. Eat well. Don’t binge on alcohol. When you’re feeling that recurring itch on your legs or back, don’t scratch your skin too harshly till it bleeds. Stay safe when you’re running to and from work. Stay safe when you’re driving. Moisturise regularly. Don’t miss your prescribed medications. Be strong. Face whatever problems that lie ahead of you bravely. Get through them one by one, one step at a time. Love your family and friends. Call your parents often. Be a good kid. Have no fear. Be confident and have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Laugh a lot. Read a lot. Pray a lot. Stay happy. If you ever find someone to love, hold on tight to her. Make it work. Always try to make it work. Don’t give up. Be kind. Stay kind. You have a good heart. Don’t ever change that. Stay true to what you believe in.
Hope you’re getting spoilt rotten and having a lovely and eventful one today.


Tonight at six thirty, this happened.
Along with a tune from Angus and Julia Stone. 
Call me out of date, but I just recently discovered this brother & sister duo on a journey to work. They were being interviewed on a local radio station, in which they also did a live version of their single and a cover song. The moment they went on air, I felt a sudden pang of solace. Suddenly the dreadful 40-minute drive to work was not as unbearable anymore.
Having been around since 2006 (apparently!), the pair went their own paths in 2010 and each pursued a solo career. Only recently have they been reunited (thanks to Rick Rubin) and, I guess in celebration of this get-together, they just recently launched a self-titled album (on three: *squeeeeaaaal*). Their voice is just as amazing together as they are individually.
One of my favourites from this album is a song titled ‘Get Home’, since it sort of  – ehem.. – hits home. I’m totally putting their album on repeat on my Spotify at the moment. And they probably are going to stay on my go-to song list for one of those moments when I just need a comforting hug after a long day at work.
Image source: www.news.com.au